About Us

Gil Sierra, the owner of Gil Sierra Tile has been in the tile business for 35 years. He is a man of honor, honesty, integrity, and quality. Gil is a master tile setter, having laid tile for 26 years until his knees, shoulders, and back gave out. (Laying tile is really rough on the body.) As a tile setter Gil took pride in his work, laying tile projects to the best of his ability every time. Gil has instilled this same pride in the installers that work for the company.

Life-Long Commitment

Gil is a believer in life-long learning and has obtained a Bachelor degree in Business and a Master’s degree in Leadership. He is currently on a break right now, but he is also working on his Doctorate degree in Leadership Development. He recently completed a certification course in Project Management and is studying for the Project Management Certification exam to become a Project Management Professional. The business degree helps in the quality and efficient running of the business. His knowledge of business helps to ensure the sustainability of the business so you can count on Gil Sierra Tile being around in the future. The Leadership degrees help in the day to day leadership of the installers, offering them leadership and guidance to help them grow within the company, and gain the skills to offer better service to the customer. The Project Management studies have helped in the organization and executing of the tile project, improving on an already good delivery of quality projects.

Why Choose Gil Sierra Tile?

travertine tile installerThe answer to that begins with Gil Sierra. Gil is very knowledgeable concerning tile installation, tile products, and is excellent at trouble shooting challenges. If that is not enough, his character and personality are a few of his assets. Gil is easy going, friendly, courteous, compassionate, and quick to smile and slow to anger. When you meet him, you will see these qualities immediately and will feel confident that you will be treated well. Gil’s philosophy is that everyone he meets is a potential friend or at least a valued acquaintance for life. Gil’s approach to dealing with people and employees is to treat everyone with servant leadership. He feels that his mission in life is to serve the needs of the people he meets whether they are a customer or an acquaintance, because he believes that respect and caring are important aspects of relationships. His mission is not to make money, but create quality relationships, which translates into a successful business.

Our Culture

By treating his employees with servant leadership, he is creating future leaders within the company. Studies have shown that if employees are treated with servant leadership, the employees are very likely to treat the customers with servant leadership. We have proven that to be true here at Gil Sierra Tile. My installers treat the customers with respect and bend over backwards to serve the needs of the customers, ensuring that we are delivering your projects according to your requirements. We are here to create beauty in your home as painless as possible. I receive countless compliments about how polite and respectful my crews are. I also receive many comments about how skillful they are as well. We have created a culture within this organization that embodies all the good things that we possess as humans translated into exceptional service to you.


Gil Sierra Tile offers tile and stone installation of floors and showers. We work with you from inception to completion to ensure you are installing the products you desire, and a reasonable cost and time frame. We install various sizes of porcelain and ceramic tiles from all sizes of square tiles to the popular wood plank/wood looking tiles. We also install travertine, slate, saltillo, marble, and granite floors. Showers are installed with the highest quality materials with the highest standards of excellence.

Tile Discount Available

Although we aren’t in the business of selling tile, we have partnered with Monterrey Tile in Gilbert, Arizona to offer our customers quality tile at an affordable price. We send our customers to the Monterrey Tile showroom to work with their quality designers and sales staff to assist you in making the perfect tile selection for your project. Gil Sierra Tile receives a discount at Monterrey Tile which we gladly pass on to our customers.

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